Josefine Mutzenbacher die Hure von Wien (1991)


Director: Hans Billian

Diana Siefert
Effie Balconi as?, plays a waitress in the tavern
Elisabeth von Ihering plays Grafin Amelie
Gabriele Fimmers plays Ilona
Gabriele Strasser plays Comtesse Sissy
Maria Dieter plays Graziella
Michaela Muick plays Saskia
Petra Nerad plays Ulrike
Petra Seibert plays Melanie
Vanessa Velvet plays Josefine Mutzenbacher
Yvette Estel plays Susanne, the maid

The JM series is certainly one of the most popular series for European Adult
Cinema from the mid-70’s up until the late-80’s.
Vanessa Velvet plays a fairly mature Josefine, and this time she seems to have
been hired to make a man of a young Count, though, unbeknownst to his family,
the maid has already done the job. The daughter of the noble family and her
friends are equally curious and experimental and there is lots of action in the
mansion, in the summer house, in the brothel and in a tavern with a very
large-breasted waitress.
A worthy final addition to the series by the man who made the first and best.
Made with a large budget for porn which enabled the use of late-19th-century
costumes and lots of extras, which do much to make a film more realistic and
hence more erotic.




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