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    Kneel Before Me (1983)

    Ambrosia Fox [Facial]
    Annie Sprinkle (as Annie Sprinkles) [Facial]
    Debbie Cole [NonSex]
    Lisa Thomas
    Niko [BJOnly Facial]

    Alan Adrian (as Alan “Spike” Adrian)
    David Christopher [NonSex]
    George Payne
    Ron Jeremy
    Tony Mansfield

    Scene Breakdowns
    Scene 1. George Payne, Annie Sprinkle
    Scene 2. George Payne, Annie Sprinkle
    Scene 3. Alan Adrian, Annie Sprinkle
    Scene 4. Ambrosia Fox, Lisa Thomas, Ron Jeremy
    Scene 5. Niko, Annie Sprinkle, Tony Mansfield
    Scene 6. George Payne, Niko, Annie Sprinkle

    After a young man marries, he starts having hallucinations that he is the Marquis De Sade. He begins having nightmares that he is attending deviant S&M orgies, where he engages in whippings, piercings and other degradations against women, and ending with his tying up and strangling his new wife. Terrified of these images, he turns to a doctor who specializes in these problems, but he doesn’t know that the doctor has her own kind of “treatment” in mind for him.



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