Le Lit d’Elodie (1983)


Alternate Titles:
I Caldi incontri di Elodie

Director:     J. Helbie

Cathy Stewart plays Elodie’s sister
Liliane Gray as Lilian Grey, plays H?l?ne
Marie-Christine Chireix as Christine Glenne, plays Elodie
Olivia Flores plays Laurent’s mistress

Jacques Marbeuf as Victor Vallet plays Elodie’s father
Ga?l Lourryss
Yves Callas plays the wino
Hank Kuinlan
Jean-Pierre Armand
Alan Lyle
Alban Ceray plays Laurent
the barman

Elodie leaves her husband Laurent when she discovers he has a mistress (Olivia Flores). She gets drunk in a bar and shares a bottle with a wino (Yves Callas) in the street. they have sex over the top of some rubbish bins. She then goes to her sister’s place and interrupts her (Cathy Stewart) in bed with her boyfriend, christophe. They go off to stay with their father (Jacques Marbeuf) in the country. He has a very obliging maid, H?l?ne, and a shy young man, Guillaume, is staying with him – the relationship is not clear. Guillaume becomes infatuated with Elodie. The maid’s boyfriend is Jean-Pierre Armand. Cathy meets him and Alain Lyle in the street and arranges a date with Alain. They have sex in the car and Jean-Pierre watches and joins in having just left H?l?ne in his bed. guillaume spies on Christine and later deliberately opens a shutter in the night to make a noise that will draw her downstaris in the empty house. They have sex in the darkened lounge when she investigates. But Elodie returns to Laurent who has been phoning roudn to discover where she has gone.






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