Lecher (1973)

A guy proves to the camera how, despite being just an average guy, women simply keep saying yes when he casually invites them to his apartment and seduces them. He starts by already having a unique basketball player for a unique banana dinner. He then recalls approaching a baby’s British governess in the cold street, inviting them to his warm apartment. Once there, he harasses her up to and including suddenly exposing and touching her large breasts. But she quickly finds it arousing, as they move on from her client’s milk bottle to the shower. Next up is a girl scout who agrees getting more than cookies. He then gets friendly with a dog in the street and invites over the elegant lady walking it. She reveals wanting non elegant discipline done to her. Finally, he goes for pizza and – despite mentioning having a boyfriend – the Italian waitress literally ends up in bed with him. The waitress hopes to move in with him but realizes a lecher would be lecher.

Chuck Vincent (as Marc Ubell)

* Berta Russ
* Georgina Spelvin (as Cherry Grame)
* Cynthia Lee
* Tanya Tickler (as Jody Bright)
* Helen Madigan (as R’An Grover)

* Guy Thomas (as Robert Bell)

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Tanya Tickler, Guy Thomas
* Scene 2. Cynthia Lee, Guy Thomas
* Scene 3. Berta Russ, Guy Thomas
* Scene 4. Georgina Spelvin, Guy Thomas
* Scene 5. Helen Madigan, Guy Thomas







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