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    Legacy Of Lust (1985)

    Country: USA
    Language: English
    Release Date: 1985
    Distributor: Caballero Video
    Director: Paul G. Vatelli
    Starring: Carol Titian, D.J. Cone, Little Oral Annie, Renee Lovins, Tamara Longley, Jerry Butler, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Kevin James

    Description: When an elderly millionaire has a heart attack while watching a sexy striptease, his wild will leaves everyone in a state of salacious surprise. It seems that he decided to leave his fortune to whichever couple can prove themselves to be even more sex-crazed than he was! His probate lawyer gathers together three loving couples for a weekend of utter debauchery, watching them on video monitors as they try and prove themselves filthy enough to qualify for the cash. Things take a strange and sordid twist when someone starts trying to bump off the carnal competitors! Filled with luscious young performers and plenty of white-hot action, this tongue-in-cheek romp delivers plenty of dead-on sexual thrills!





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