L’épouse bafouée (1986)


Cast : Corinne Carmona; Chris Darincourt; Dominique Silvero ; Brigitte Cormier

Director: Pierre Unia as Reine Pirau and ? for the Greek archive footage
Notes: includes a scene from an earlier Unia movie and three scenes from two earlier Greek movies, one of which is I Vlachi epimenoun ellinika

Alternate Titles
• L’Épouse bafouée
• Salopes enchaînées, petits trous défoncés re-release title

• Amanda Shell plays Martine
• Chantal Trobert archive footage
• Katerina Spathi archive footage
• Michelle Davy as Roxy, plays Ghislaine
• Mina Houghe plays Yasmina

This is not a Greek movie. It is a Reine Pirau (Pierre Unia) flick padded out with 3 scenes taken from 2 former Greek features & one from another Pirau movie.
Males –
• Ghislain Garet
• Eric Saville (Eric Dray) plays Roxy’s husband
• Frank Mazard? (archive footage)
• Jacky Arnal
• Bruno (archive footage)




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