Les nymphettes se rebiffent (1983)


AKA : Les petites filles de la plage

Language : French

Director : Maxime Debest
Cast :
Angie Best plays Fabienne (only soft)
Dominique Vergnac as Edwina plays Charlotte (black girl who could be the Dominique [4] from EGAFD also playing in (info based on Le Dictionnaire de Mr Bier & Encyclocine) Infidèles par devant, punies par derrière, see here
Gerda de Haan plays Julie (only soft) – she started as Brenda Kane in the TV serials “Emmanuelle”
Dominique Saint Claire plays Myriam
Alban Ceray as Alban plays Joël
André Mazeau plays the thief/murderer (sorry to reveal the key of the plot)


The story : The West Indies (Les Antilles). Four girls are in vacation, one of them discover a wounded man, Joël, who lost his memory. The girls bring him to their home and take care of him. At the same time they learn that their neighbour was murdered and that her jewellery was stolen. Joël denies having killed the lady, well he is not so sure as he lost his memory. The girls decide to hide him from the police and continue to take care of him and particularly of his cock. Finally the real killer is discovered and Joël just stay to enjoy sex with the girls.
Not so much porn scenes, mainly blowjobs, but nice beach landscapes. Except the blowjobs, closer to soft than hard core.





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