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    Les petites filles (1978)


    Alternate Titles

    * Corinne Och Hennes Sex Lekar
    * La Rosa dei sensi (Italy)
    * Traume in Paris (Germany, Beate Uhse Video)


    * Cathy Stewart plays Corinne
    * Celine Gallone uncredited or as Nanou Sanders
    * Diane Dubois as Denise Lascene
    * Edwige Faillel
    * Marie-Claude Viollet plays the wife


    * Claude Valmont plays the husband
    * Michel de Nyokinos as Michel de Nyoky
    * Jean Moulard
    * Jean-Pierre Armand, uncredited, plays one of the jockeys
    * Gerard Gregory, uncredited, plays a bartender (non-sex)

    Scene 1 Cathy Stewart, Claude Valmont [creampie]
    Scene 2 Edwige Faillel, Claude Valmont, guy
    Scene 3 Edwige Faillel, Jean-Pierre Armand, two guys [gang bang]
    Scene 4 Edwige Faillel, Claude Valmont
    Scene 5 Edwige Faillel, Michel de Nyokinos [brief bj]
    Scene 6 Diane Dubois, Edwige Faillel, Claude Valmont [DP w. strap-on]
    Scene 7 Cathy Stewart, Claude Valmont
    Scene 8 Celine Gallone, Claude Valmont
    Scene 9 Marie-Claude Viollet, Claude Valmont
    Scene 10 Marie-Claude Viollet, Claude Valmont



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