Lifestyles Of The Blonde & Dirty (1987)



Starring: Amber Lynn, Nina hartley, Gabriella, Tiffany Dupont, Jamie Gillis, Jon Martin, Joey Silvera, Don Fernando, Gary Vann.

A cast full of hot-to-trot flaxen-haired honeys pulls out all the stops in this scorching video treat. It’s a fast-paced takeoff on the early hit “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” with a wacky host who wanders from place to place exposing the erotic antics of his saucy subjects. And with gorgeous gals on hand like Amber Lynn and Nina Hartley, you just know that you’ll find lots to like throughout the zany proceedings. The whole thing’s pretty silly, actually, with lots of the wild humor and tongue-in-cheek deliveries that was so prevalent during the 80′s video boom. Nina’s in top form, as usual. She’s really got the knack for this kind of wackiness, with the ability to deliver a goofy punchline one moment and to get down and dirty with the best of them the very next. Nina’s obvious lust for raw heat has made her one of the all-time hardcore greats, and her spunky fervor for frolic is on dazzling display throughout this one. Amber Lynn also shines, tossing aside her every inhibition as she strives to satisfy all comers. A nice throwback to the zany hardcore 80′s, this ones still manages to pack quite the erotic wallop even after all these years.




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