Like a Virgin 1 (1985)

Also Known As
Like a Virgin

After disappointing sex with wife Erma, Henry’s office provides too much of an opportunity. As co-worker Jack enjoys a secretary and sends another to Bill, buxom lusty Sally wants Henry even while Erma visits. Can Jack distract Erma?

Adam (as Adam Tarasiacus)

Christy Canyon [Facial]
Crystal Breeze [Clip]
Debra Lynn
Gail Force
Heather Wayne
Lana Burner (as Lacey Luv)

Dan T. Mann (as Dan Mann)
Eric Edwards [Clip]
Marc Wallice
Peter North
Tony Martino
NonSex Performers
W.O. Williams

Scene 5. is a clip from “Casino Of Lust”, 1984.

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Lana Burner, Peter North
Scene 2. Christy Canyon, Gail Force
Scene 3. Christy Canyon, Gail Force, Marc Wallice
Scene 4. Debra Lynn, Tony Martino
Scene 5. Crystal Breeze, Eric Edwards
Scene 6. Christy Canyon, Peter North
Scene 7. Debra Lynn, Tony Martino
Scene 8. Christy Canyon, Peter North
Scene 9. Heather Wayne, Dan T. Mann
Scene 10. Lana Burner, Tony Martino





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