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    Lolita pronta a tutto (1978)

    Released: 1978
    Director: Michel Berkowitch as Christa Petersen

    Alternate Titles

    Franska Lolita
    Lolita pronta a tutto Italy
    Lolitas Häftiga Begär


    Alexandra Sand as Alexandra, plays Hubert Geral’s wife
    Danièle David as Danièle Azzalini plays Evelyne, the secretary
    Valérie Martin’s = Virginie Caillat plays Marie-Martine
    XNK1607 nightclub orgy scene
    XNK1608 nightclub orgy scene


    Hubert Géral as Hubert Gerval plays Alain Fargeot, the comedian
    Jean Gerard Sorlin as Jean Gerard plays Patrick, the producer
    Daniel Trabet plays Jacques Duriel, the director
    Cyril Val = Alain Plumey in orgy scene

    A married man hides from his wife the fact he works as a porn actor. The wife (Alexandra) is suspicious, trails him and catches him in the act during a sex scene. The film crew grab her and have their way with her, and she decides to take part in the shooting of the film.



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