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    Lollipop Palace (1976)

    Also Known As
    Lust Goddess

    Cast (Credited cast)
    Laura Bacalle … Tina
    John Holmes … Betty Lou’s Customer
    Bob Lash … Bonnie’s Sailor
    Bunny Savage … Bonnie
    Ric Lutze … Tex (as Rick Lutz)
    Cynthia Sweet … Sheri
    James Crosse … Customer
    Susan Catherine … Betty Lou
    Robert Stewart … Sheri’s Sailor
    Ginnette Freeland
    Robert Donahue
    Frenchie Dior … Frenchie

    Lollipop Palace Description: “The legendary John Holmes and Bunny Savage headline this all star cast in an authentic journey back in time to the Lollipop Palace, a bawdy cathouse in San Francisco during the 1930’s. As the story unfolds, we meet Frenchie, the mature and busty Madame who runs the house. She tells the girls Bonnie and Sherry, two sex pros to show Tina, the new girl in town, the ins and outs of the business. But, she learns quickly and enthusiastically joins in the fun in this sexy and humorous look at the past. A wild and wicked classic adult presentation.”

    Scene 1. Cynthia Sweet, Robert Rose
    Scene 2. Bunny Savage, Turk Lyon
    Scene 3. Cynthia Sweet, 2 guys
    Scene 4. Susan Catherine, John Holmes
    Scene 5. Bunny Savage, Laura Bacalle, Rick Lutze



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