Love Play aka L’Essayeuse (1976)

Original Title

* L’Essayeuse

Alternate Title

* Love Play (1977, USA, with a cut)

From IMDb:

“In 1976, for the first time since the German occupation, a French film was seized and its negative burnt. This film was denounced on 15 October 1976 by two major family associations (for its apology of vice) and condemned to be burnt on the following day. According to the “specialists” at the time, this film did not present more obscenity and bad taste than the films of the same kind. But for the plaintiffs, it was a question of making an example, and they made a martyr of it.”

Egafd synopsis

Released: 1975 per Egafd (1976 per IMDb)
Director: Serge Korber as John Thomas
Notes: Kortheau Productions, banned and, it is said, the only X-rated movie to be destroyed in France


* Chantal Fourquet sauna scene
* Claude Janna in the hunt scene
* Claudine Beccarie uncredited, hunt scene
* Emmanuelle Pareze plays Lena, L’essayeuse
* Isabeau plays Karine
* Jacqueline Doyen non-sex
* Liliane Lemieuvre
* Marie-Jose Pontello
* Marlene Myller
* Martine Grimaud plays Jung, Karine’s maid


* Alain Saury plays Etienne, the husband
* Pierre Danny plays M. Andre, the chauffeur
* Manu Pluton, as Manu, plays a servant
* Charlie Schreiner plays Mario, the waiter
* Cyril Val, as Alain Plumey, plays the cyclist
* Richard Lemieuvre in hunt and orgy scenes
* Gabriel Pontello in hunt and orgy scenes
* Gilbert Servien plays a customer (brief appearance)
* and others

Emmanuelle Pareze works at a shop selling sexy lingerie. She tries on the garments for her male customers and has an affair with one of them. His wife is frigid and when she finds out what is going on she employs Emmanuelle to teach her about sex. Emmanuelle is brought to the mansion by the chauffeur and they have sex in a car park on the way. On arrival Emmanuelle is grabbed by two black male servants – the infamous rape scene is severely cut in the American version (the original French film was banned and destroyed) and they throw her in the indoor pool and jump in after her. All this is watched by the wife.

Emmanuelle and the wife then begin lessons with a lesbian session. This is watched by the chauffeur and the maid, both masturbating. The maid then joins in. The next lesson involves making an assignation to have sex with a waiter at a country hotel in the back of the open-topped limo. A passing male cyclist is invited to join in. Then Emmanuelle takes her student to a mixed sauna to join in the orgiastic activities. The wife now thoroughly converted, with her husband she arranges a very lewd game of hide and seek in the woods for their like-minded friends, followed by an orgy indoors.





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