Magma movie : Reifeprufung in der Sex Schule

Alternate Titles
Reifeprüfung auf der Schulbanken

Anke Bonn as Anke, plays Iris, the swot
Astrid Pils as Busenwunder Astrid, plays Marion
Connie plays Corry
Jill Morena as Gina, plays Sabine
Petra [5] plays Frau Heinrich, the German teacher
Sheila Prinzess as Carolyn, plays Fräulein Lisa
Sonja plays Sabine’s girlfriend

Males –

Rally van Kamp, as Peter, plays the teacher, Peter
Ralf Buttgereit(aka Roy Hunter), as Ralf, plays the policeman
Dietmar Z. (Dietmar Ost) plays Walter, the caretaker
Philippe Soine, uncredited, plays a student
Jérôme Vallin, uncredited, plays a student

scene breakdowns
• Scene 1. Amanda Shear
• Scene 2. Amanda Shear, Unknown Male 270454-A
• Scene 3. Amanda Shear, Jérôme Proust
• Scene 4. Amanda Shear, Jill Morena, Sabine, Unknown Male 270454-B
• Scene 5. Anke Bonn, Dietmar Z.
• Scene 6. Jill Morena, Dietmar Z.
• Scene 7. Jutta, Philippe Soine, Unknown Male 270454-C
• Scene 8. Amanda Shear, Rally van Kamp
• Scene 9. Jutta, Jérôme Proust, Philippe Soine, Unknown Male 270454-C
• Scene 10. Sheila Prinzess, Rally van Kamp
• Scene 11. Anke Bonn, Sandra De Largo, Unknown Male 270454-B, Unknown Male 270454-C
• Scene 12. Amanda Shear, Roy Hunter




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