Marina Heat (1985)

Jack Remy

Amber Lynn
Gina Carrera
Nikki Charm
Summer Rose
Tracey Adams

Billy Dee
Buck Adams
Hershel Savage

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Amber Lynn, Billy Dee
Scene 2. Amber Lynn, Tracey Adams, Hershel Savage
Scene 3. Nikki Charm, Buck Adams
Scene 4. Gina Carrera, Summer Rose
Scene 5. Summer Rose, Billy Dee
Scene 6. Gina Carrera, Summer Rose, Buck Adams

“It’s an accepted fact that people who live at a marina are the loosest, most immoral swingers to be found. And the most infamous marina of all lies on the coast of sunny California, a stone’s throw away from the mega-rich Beverly Hills, scandalous Hollywood, and the international airport…an ideal location for the promiscuous flight attendants, poor little rich girls and struggling actresses to find love and lust.





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