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    Martine, Venus der Wollust (1979) DVD-Rip

    Released: 1979
    Genre: Classic, Feature, Couples
    Directed by: Michel Jean
    Issued: RIBU reprint Alpha France
    Duration: 1 hour 10 mins

    The names of other publications:
    * Je suis vicieuse
    * Martine – la Venus del placer Dir. given as Rudolf Krause Spain
    * Martine, Venus der Wollust Dir. given as Pablo-Juan Torena DVD available West Germany, Ribu
    * Secrétaires sans culotte DVD available Alpha France video re-issue and DVD title, DVD with Call Girls de Luxe (Enquêtes)

    Plot: Richard Lemieuvre is a dentist in Paris. His niece (Barbara Moose) comes to visit and he hires a private detective (Dominique Aveline) to keep a watch on her.
    Martine works as his receptionist at first and spies on him having sex with a patient (Brigitte Lahaie) who, at the end of the session inserts love balls inside herself. Martine copies this when she goes off to a shoe shop (she also seems to be working there) where Liliane Lemieuvre is a customer (non-sex). Martine has sex with the shop assistant, who notices her playing with herself.
    Martine has various adventures, including getting involved in a fetish dungeon scene with Diane Dubois, Marilyn Jess and Guy Royer, sex with a waiter in the hotel, watches Alban Ceray having sex with Morgane (dressed as a bride), phoning up her uncle while he has sex with his wife (Cathy Stewart) and finally with Dominique Aveline who has been following her around all this time.

    * Liliane Lemieuvre as Karen Allan, plays Michelle
    * Lucie Doll plays Manny (spelling?, Second hitchhiker)
    * Brigitte Verbecq plays Brigitte
    * Brigitte Lahaie as Brigitte Lahaye, plays Denise
    * Karine Gambier as Karine Stephen, plays a woman whose car breaks down
    * Cathy Stewart plays Adele, a hotel maid

    * Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Alan
    * Guy Royer as Guy Roye
    * Dominique Aveline (uncredited)
    * Alban Ceray (uncredited)

    French version and German version



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