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    Melissa’s Inside Straight (1973)

    Stars:Thad Watson, Nancy Martin and Lisa Quan
    Thad Watson … Duke
    Nancy Martin … Louise (as Meg Peters)
    Lisa Quan … Allison
    Ron Knapp … Bob
    Pete Fisher … Cardsharp
    Tricia Opal … Card Dealer



    2 Responses to “Melissa’s Inside Straight (1973)”

    • Harry says:

      The links are for a foreign language film.

    • DIrkmaster says:

      Yep, this is actually Mia Signora (1988) aka La mia signora (which is what it says on the screen), Obsession [German Version, SAP], Outrages Italiens [French version, Colmax]. Can’t say for sure, but it sounds like Italian being spoken.

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