Money Hunting (1994)


also known as:
Il Frutto del Peccato
Frutto del Peccato
La Figa di Tutti
Linda te édes
DBM XXX 10 – Money Hunting,
La Veuve De Buda-Fesse

Director & Producer: Christophe Clark

Angelica Bella
Deborah Wells
Isabelle Adorata
Judith de Ville
Thunde (as Monica Sales)

Christophe Clark
Frank Gun
Jolth Walton
Mike Foster

Scene 1. Angelica Bella, Deborah Wells
Scene 2. Angelica Bella, Christoph Clark
Scene 3. Angelica Bella, John Walton, Mike Foster
Scene 4. Angelica Bella, Frank Gun, John Walton, Unknown Male 220794
Scene 5. Angelica Bella, Tunde, Zoltan Kabai
Scene 6. Angelica Bella, Deborah Wells
Scene 7. Angelica Bella, Gizella, Judith DeVille, Christoph Clark, Mike Foster
Scene 8. Deborah Wells

The love of money is often greater than the affinity. As Angelica’s rich uncle has passed away, the horny young Lady has to fight hard for her heritage. But Angelica uses her feminine weapons, and fucks himself bravely her male and female relatives. Anal and double anal, tongues and lips are used and finally lead to success of horny Angelica, MONEY HUNTING – Angelica’s favorite sport!



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