Na Und! (1994)

Actresses: Jeanny Bee, Angelique Rose (as Andrea C.) Sandra (23) as Senta F.
Actors: Dirk Schmidt (as Dirk Z.) Jasper Gude as Jürgen G., Jean Pallett, Sören (28) as Stefan B., Achim C., Frank R., Thorsten G. [nonsex]

Scene 1 – Angelique Rose [anal], Dirk Schmidt
Scene 2 – Jeanny Bee [DP], Jean Pallett, Jasper Gude
Scene 3 – Angelique Rose [watersports], guy
Scene 4 – Sandra & Sören
Scene 5 – Jeanny Bee [masturbation]
Scene 5 – Angelique Rose [anal], Achim C., Frank R.,with Dirk Schmidt taking over

The movie “Casacde 4 – Total Versaut – Na Und!” (Cat.No. CAS-4) was released by Makol in 1994. There is a noise bar appearing fairly regularly on the screen. German language.





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