Naked Stranger (1988)

No one is safe. She’ll break into your home, and your heart! Her lust will twist you around her finger, desire will enslave you to her. And with it she will drive your passion to a pounding climax and leave you for her next victim!

A gem from the late 80s and an engrossing little sex story. This one takes some familiar turns, but holds your interest thanks to the cast’s sincere performances and the nerves Thomas strikes along the way. The plot is simple: Tom Byron and Ariel Knights, a married couple in a dry spell, have Barbara Dare as a new neighbor. It’s no surprise when we learn there is more to Miss Dare than she pretends.
Byron effectively captures the lust of an unsatisfied husband and the stupidity of blindly stumbling into a sexual swamp. Ariel, we learn, is no different. Their sexual outburst is electric.
Then there is smoldering Barbara Dare, who plays her character as both seductively sweet and shrewd. Aja is also on hand as a different sort of sexual animal, more biting and ballsy.

Paul Thomas


Barbara Dare
Tami White


Louis Paul
Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns:

Scene 1. Tami White, Tom Byron
Scene 2. Barbara Dare, Tom Byron
Scene 3. Aja, Louis Paul
Scene 4. Barbara Dare, Tom Byron
Scene 5. Barbara Dare, Tami White
Scene 6. Aja, Barbara Dare, Louis Paul





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