Napoleone Imperatore Perverso (1998) DVD

Napoleon / Napoleone Imperatore Perverso / Les maitresses de l’empereur

Production year: 1998
Country: Italy
Genre: Feature, Anal
Duration: 1:21:55

Directed by: Luca Damiano
Studio: Luca Damiano Entertainment
Baby Nielsen, Betty Anderson, Carolina Spagnoli, Erika Bella, Jeanette La Douce, Lea Martini, Maria Bellucci, Regina Sipos, Valeria Dori, Andrea Dioguardi, Andrea Spider, Francesco Malcom, Omar Williams, Ramon Nomar, Roberto Malone, Silvio Evangelista

The story of Napoleon in any language results in the same – a small man with illusions of grandeur who uses any means necessary to acquire power and victory. In this case, Napoleon uses sex as a strategy to gain power over the females he wishes to conquer. Initially skirmishes indicate that Napoleon may have finally found a successful strategy as he marches across a continent – to pillage, plunder and ravish the lovely wenches along the way.




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