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    ‘Necromania’: A Tale of Weird Love! (1971)

    Genres: Pre-Golden Age Classic, Feature Film
    A.K.A.: Necromania: A Tale of Weird Love DVD
    Run Time: 54 minutes
    Release Year: 1971
    Director: Edward D. Wood, Jr. (as Don Miller)
    Written by: Edward D. Wood, Jr.

    Danny (Ric Lutz) and Shirley (Rene Bond) are having a problem with their relationship.  Danny is having a problem getting wood and it is threatening to break them up.  They go to Madame Heles (Maria Aronoff), a necromancer, against Danny’s wishes to see if she can help them with Danny’s problem.

    Cast  (Credited cast)
    Maria Arnold     …    Madame Heles
    Rene Bond     …    Shirley
    Ric Lutze     …    Danny
    Edward D. Wood Jr.

    Scene Synopsis:
    Scene 1: an unknown woman, an unknown man
    The first scene brings us an unknown female and an unknown male and the scene starts out with the male eating the female’s pussy.  Then the female gives the male a blow job.  The two go to start the vaginal sex but before the male enters the female, he cums on her ass.

    Scene 2: Rene Bond, Ric Lutz
    The second scene gives us Rene Bond and Ric Lutz and the scene consists of Ric eating Rene’s pussy.  There is no cum shot at the end of the scene.

    Scene 3: Rene Bond, an unknown woman
    The third scene is interlaced with the fourth scene and features Rene Bond and an unknown female and is a girl/girl scene.  The unknown female and Rene lick each others bodies and grind their pussies into each other’s legs.  Then the unknown female eats Rene’s pussy.  Then Rene eats the unknown female’s pussy until the scene ends.

    Scene 4: an unknown woman, Ric Lutz
    The fourth scene is interlaced with the third scene and brings us an unknown female (the same one from the first scene) and Ric Lutz.  The unknown female gives Ric a blow job.  Then Ric eats her pussy.  Then the two go into the vaginal sex.  There is no cum shot to end the scene.

    Scene 5: Maria Aronoff, Ric Lutz
    The fifth and final scene in the film gives us Maria Aronoff and Ric Lutz.  The scene consists of Maria giving Ric a blow job.  At the end of the scene, Ric cums on Maria’s hand and himself.




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