Nightshift Nurses 2 (1996)


Jim Holliday

Brittany O’Connell
Caressa Savage
Jill Kelly
Juli Ashton
Kim Kitaine
Kylie Ireland
Lynn Franciss
Misty Rain
Shayla LaVeaux
Sindee Coxx

Chad Thomas
Joey Silvera
John Leslie
Jose Duval
Mark Davis
Nick East
Sean Rider
Steve Henessey
TT Boy

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Shayla LaVeaux, Anthony
Scene 2. Kim Kitaine, Sindee Coxx, Nick East
Scene 3. Brittany O’Connell, Caressa Savage, Sindee Coxx, TT Boy
Scene 4. Misty Rain, guys
Scene 5. Kylie Ireland, Mark Davis
Scene 6. Caressa Savage, Felecia, Juli Ashton, Kim Kitaine, Misty Rain, Sindee Coxx
Scene 7. Kylie Ireland, TT Boy
Scene 8. Juli Ashton, Sean Rider
Scene 9. Jill Kelly, Shayla LaVeaux
Scene 10. Jill Kelly, Juli Ashton, Joey Silvera

Packed with an all star cast, this offbeat comedy centers around a hospital with such a reputation for caring that perfectly healthy people will fake illness just to get some of that special treatment for which it’s famous. Utilizing a new therapy called Repeated Libido Deployment; the staff is pushing the barriers of the sexual frontier to heretofore unprecedented heights and creating another classic feature in the tradition of Jim Holliday.





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