No Man’s Land 4 (1990)

Also Known As
No Man’s Land 4: Hot Rocks


Jeanna Fine [LezOnly]
Judy Blue [LezOnly]
Madison [LezOnly]
Melissa Melendez [LezOnly]
Mia Powers [LezOnly]
Natasha Skyler [LezOnly]
Patricia Kennedy [LezOnly]

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Melissa Melendez, Mia Powers
Scene 2. Jeanna Fine, Natasha Skyler
Scene 3. Judy Blue, Patricia Kennedy
Scene 4. Jeanna Fine, Madison
Scene 5. Judy Blue, Melissa Melendez, Mia Powers, Natasha Skyler, Patricia Kennedy

They say that diamonds are a girl s best friend. But even hot rocks can t keep a girl warm at night. So, even though these ladies are jewel thieves with an appetite for pretty gems, they have an even bigger appetite for each other. Care for a piece of the action?



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