Offertes a tout 1: Fantasmes (1991)


Director:     Michel Ricaud


Ildiko Varcon as Ildiko
Julia Chanel
Laura Val?rie non-sex, introduces the scenes
Natacha Delyro as Marylou Neige
Samantha Gin
Nina Hartley

Scene breakdown

Julia Chanel (anal, plays a schoolgirl), Steven Willis
Samantha Gin (anal), Jean-Pierre Armand
Nina Hartley (safe-sex anal, plays a widow), Eric Weiss
Ildiko Varcon (plays a model), Philippe Soine (no cum shot)
Natacha Delyro, as Marylou Neige, (very brief DP), Yvan, Chris Volta, Briss Cordy, Fred Calife, Tom Olivier

Laura Valerie is seen at the beginning and end of the movie in a non-sex role.



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