Oma Pervers 22 (1994)

Sade Gluide
Anne Andersson
Anna Berger (ditto)
‘Beatrice Infart’
Sybilla Logana

Age does not protect against lust! This ancient knowledge contained within’s new our grandmothers Maria Hermann, Anita Always, Beatrice INFART and Klara riders to the test. Because they chased her car at full speed through the streets, they have to go to jail and get into the finest society. My cellmate is a colored pimp who has the female cells workforce under control and everything pops whatever comes before’s pipe. But that’s not the macho can lick after shitting even the ass by Omas. But the grannies have luck. A horny young stallion pities her wrinkles columns and plowing this really persevering through…



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