Orgie Extra Conjugale (1981)

Paris Nights aka Orgie extra conjugale (1981)


* Kris Lara
* Lise Pinson as Emmanuelle Jennifer
* Olivia Flores as Moanie Wallone (on box, Vallone on screen)

* Gil Lagard?re as Dominique Sainclair plays Stephane
* Patrick Pontello (perhaps usually credited under a different name) plays Jean-Louis

Pierre Quentin is credited as director on screen, Marc Dorcel is credited on the video box. Olivia Flores appears as Moanie Vallone (so credited on screen, Wallone on box).

Two couples have nowhere to stay in Paris; so they go to Moanie’s apartment. After making it clear that the men are to sleep in a different room to the girls; she goes off to her own room. She masturbates on the bed for a while, then takes a bath. The others don’t obey the rules and begin to get down to it. Then Stephane finds Moanie in the bath and assaults her. After a while she acquiesces. Then Jean-Louis comes in and Stephane passes her on. Again she resists at first and then acquiesces. Finally the other three join them and have a fivesome on the bed.
Another early 80s French film that puts forward the view that no means yes.



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