Pirate 8 – Power Slave (1998)


Starring: Dru Berrymore, Vanda, Frank Gun, Melory, K. Newz.

Welcome to the Pirate Video Production, episode eight. In a new concept this video contains three exclusive thirty-minute stories, based around a fetish theme. In story one, “La Contessa,” a perverse Spanish Contessa gives her manservant a very wet and nasty blowjob in the garden. Later, he crawls to worship her ass on the stairs. In a second scene, the Contessa and her kinky lover enjoy anal sex with a beautiful slave girl. In “Anita’s Dream,” a kinky teenager dreams about a strange restaurant where sperm decorates the salad and the owner uses dildos and anal sex for dessert. Next, Anita dreams of a hard, four guy gangbang climaxing in an awesome facial cumbath. In “The Shoe Fetishist,” a rich shoe worshipper keeps his private collection in a locked room. For him, each pair of his shoes tells a story of young women in skintight rubber, orgies of foot licking, double penetrations, and oceans of sperm.






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