Pleasure Seekers (1990)

Meet the Pleasure Seekers! They’re looking for lust in all the hot places – and find it they do! Tom Byron needs some help getting his girlfriends primed. But once he gets going, the party doesn’t end! Sizzling Rachel Ryan and Tamara Lee stretch the boundaries of fiery erotic abandon to juicy new heights of sleazy sexuality! Lusty lezzing, one-night-stands, and frantic fantasy encounters make sure that this band of erotic explorers hit the hot spot every time!

Gordon Vandermeer

Ashlyn Gere
Heather Lere
Kristina King
Rachel Ryan
Tamara Lee

Eric Price
Marc Wallice
Tom Byron
TT Boy

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Rachel Ryan, Tamara Lee
Scene 2. Ashlyn Gere, Tom Byron
Scene 3. Heather Lere, TT Boy
Scene 4. Rachel Ryan, Eric Price
Scene 5. Kristina King, Marc Wallice



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