Private Gold 1 – A Study In Sex (1996)


Starring: Andrea Szabo, Aniko Kaposi, Cataline Bullock, Judith, Katy Parker, Melinda Russel, Monica Baal, Monika Bella, Vivienne Clash, Alberto Rey, Atilla, Elone Desere, Mike Foster, Nick Lang Yves Bailat, Zensa Raggi, Zoltan.

She’s spoiled and just turned 18. Her life feels pretty boring and nothing ever happens. Until one day her mother sends her off to the same school that she herself went to. The school is located in the most luxurious area of Portugal and it has the best education when it comes to training in advanced sex. She will be learning everything about hot and really horny sex. From simple things, like how to give the best blowjob, to a huge orgy with all her classmates. The orgy is one of the biggest ever filmed.



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