Private Gold 18 – Reporter (1997)


Starring: Christophe Clark, Katarina Martinez, Violetta, Kathy Kash, Fanny, Victoria Queen, Regina, Marilyn, Bella, Jean-Yves LeCastel, Richard ‘Doc’ Langin, Mike Foster, Andrew Youngman, John Walton.

This latest import from Europe revolves around a pair of breasty, budding reporters who travel to Budapest to do an expose on the city’s thriving sex trade. They meet up with local Christophe Clark, a man who certainly seems to know his way around the seedy underbelly of the Hungarian city. It seems that Christophe is a sex worker himself, so he takes the gals on a rip-roaring tour of the most sex-crazed sections of the city. Needless to say, the gals soon find themselves being inexorably drawn into Christophe’s wanton world of out-there sexuality and utter debauchery. Curvaceous Euro-strumpets Katarina Martinez and Violetta star as the intrepid reporters, and both gals turn in full-throttle performances that leave nothing to the imagination. If you’re a fan of European hardcore, this one will prove to be right up your alley. It’s chock-full of blistering action, with an emphasis on torrid group gropes and fiery back door action. Highlights include Christophe’s early-morning tryst with a particularly top-heavy brunette tart, and a searing sequence in which the gals are introduced to the sex biz via a lusty, no-holes-barred gang bang session. All natural curves are the order of the day, and these wonderfully well-rounded strumpets give it their all in order to keep this one at a fever pitch. Raunchy, raw, completely unhinged hardcore with an distinctly Continental feel.




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