Private Gold 25 – When The Night Falls (1997)

Starring: Jade, Lennox, Jessica Flame, Dolly Golden, Kelly, Laura Turner, Florance Marlay, Swanny, Eva Falk, Roberto Malone, Philippe Dean, Richard Langin, Marc Borrow, Harvey Young, Kevin, Kris Newz, Karen Lancaume.

Eve, a sensual and dangerous brunette, is the prime suspect for the robbery of information from her boss’s office. One day her boss decides to hire the services of a private dick to find out more details about the double life that Eve leads. He discovers that, although during the day she is a sweet and efficient secretary, at night she transforms herself into a recruiter of prostitutes to serve the needs of a secret sect called ‘The Golden Phallus.’ The sect meets at a bordello run by its High Priestess, Maeva.



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