Private Gold 30 – Fatal Orchid 1 (1999)


Starring: Katja Jean, Swany, Sharon Ash, Anastasia, Bettina, Eva Roberts, Yvette, Bagheera, Chin-Mai, Alain Deloin, Richard langin, David Perry, Philippe Soine, Harvey, Kevin Brad, Andrew Youngman, Chris Belatre, Mephisto.

Katja Jean is a dazzling blonde in the exotic Far East. She resides on the Thai coast, known around the world for its eye-dazzling beauty. She eats lavish meals and roars through incredible sex bouts with a string of gorgeous male and female lovers. Surprisingly, however, Katja is technically in Asia on business, although the Byzantine plot, to be concluded in future installments of this Private classic, only hints at what her true purpose is. All we know for sure is that she’s working overtime to draw Antonio, a European drug lord living in Thailand, into her web, and that she’s working with some shady Russian hunk. Is he a cop? A rival drug lord, perhaps? The plot keeps us guessing as we marvel at seen after seen of the dazzling natural beauty of Cambodia’s Ankor Wat, the Thai coast, Bangkok’s surreal city streets and, of course, a year’s worth of jaw-dropping Private starlets. “Travel, sex and a good plot. What more could you want? Four stars,” AVN.



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