Probably RyuShare is back | *Oron is down


As you can see in the last posts we added RyuShare links.

Probably they will be back,  they alredy added new sistem for premium accounts, in the next few days they will add and second.

Also from the next week the will activate their affiliate program, if they do that we will continue with ryushare and all movies will be uploaded on Ryushare, Rapidgator and


Oron already 3-4 days is down, they did not give any explanation about that, and we do not know does they will be back.


ClassicArchive Team.

2 thoughts on “Probably RyuShare is back | *Oron is down”

  1. i commeneted before about the thieves ORON.
    RYUSHARE is proving to be okay at present in free mode.

    please be aware rapidgator is nearly useless ( wont reply to contact about downloading problems ).

    again suggest your use NETLOAD OR DEPOSIT.


    I ASK ADMIN to try downing on all the other file sharing hosts as a free user,you will be able for yourselves to see the frustrations on these new hosts.

  2. Oron is dead. Oron is sued by a gay porn producer, a court seized all their money, ordered to give all payment informations/logfiles, Oron wasnt able to pay the bills and switched their service off.

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