Prostitution clandestine (1975)


Director: Alain Payet

Alternate Titles
• Clandestine Prostitution

• Claudine Beccarie plays Claudine
• France Quénie as France Quennie, plays Femme de Pierre
• Françoise Beccarie plays Francoise
• Liliane Lemieuvre plays La Pianiste
• Marie-Christine Chireix as Christine Chireix, plays Christine
• Marie-José Pontello plays Marie-Jo
• Martine Grimaud plays Martine
• Pamela Stanford plays Pamela
• Sylvia Bourdon plays La Comtesse
• Tania Busselier plays Tania

• Pierre Taylou plays Le Notere (? spelling)
• Michel Charrol plays Le Photographe retoulé (?)
• Gilbert Servien plays Pierre
• Gabriel Pontello plays Sp…. TV (? unreadable, looks like Speaker)
• Jacques Marbeuf plays L’exhibitioniste
• Jacques Couderc plays Le Voleur
• Richard Bigotini, as Bigotini, plays Laurent
• Guy Bonnafoux plays Le Satyre
• Robert le Ray plays Le Comte
• Richard Lemieuvre plays Le Maître d’hôtel
• Bernard Hug plays Bernard
• Gabriel Coez plays the hippie
• Didier Faya plays Le P… (unreadable)
• Charlie Schreiner seems to be in it too, but if so is uncredited (my note : he definitively is in the movie)



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