Pussyman Auditions 16 (1996)


Julie Rage
Lisa Ann [Facial IR]


David Christopher
Kyle Stone
Sean Michaels

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Lisa Ann, Sean Michaels
Scene 2. Katalin, Kyle Stone
Scene 3. Julie Rage, Guys
Scene 4. Katalin, Jack

Some highly charged performances highlight this sixteenth edition of David Christopher’s low-budget crazy series. Lisa Ann’s a gal who exploded onto the scene in the mid-90’s, winning fans worldwide with her large breasted Italian-American charms. This is one of her hottest performances, an early scene in which Lisa Ann shows the sweet side that would soon be buried underneath an avalanche of nastiness. Lisa’s amazingly tight figure and mouth watering ripe bra busters are enough to recommend this on their own, but once she gets down to business there are very few women who have ever been more sensual on camera. For a little taste of raw hardcore at its filthiest, Julie Rage is always a good bet. She’s a surgically-enhanced platinum blonde whose rough and ready exterior mirrors the savage sexual conquistador within. Julie’s voracious appetite for rad sex serves her well here as she takes on all comers with a ferocious carnal hunger. Fans looking for rarely seen talent will want to check out one of Katalin’s few scenes — she’s a tasty cutie whose brief flirtation with porn hits its peak right here.




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