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    Randy The Electric Lady (1980)



    * Arcadia Lake [Clip]
    * Beth Stein plays Beth
    * Brenda Stewart plays Carol Jones [NonSex]
    * Clair Lucerne plays a trainee [MastOnly]
    * Desiree Cousteau plays Randy [Facial]
    * Desiree West [Clip]
    * Gina D’Amato plays a trainee [NonSex]
    * Jennifer Royce plays a trainee [NonSex]
    * Jesie St. James plays a trainee [MastOnly]
    * Juliet Anderson plays Dr. Pandreck
    * Lori Blue as Lisa Rush, plays Pam
    * Mary Sue Hoffer plays a trainee [NonSex]
    * Monica Sands plays Dr. Tully [Facial]


    * C.P. Herr plays the old man in car [NonSex]
    * Cyrus James plays Frank
    * Eric Edwards [Clip]
    * Harold Steinfarfel plays Dr. Crass
    * John Leonard plays Pam’s first lover
    * John Slater as John Sleuther, plays John
    * Johnnie Keyes [Clip]
    * Justin Case plays a chauffeur [NonSex]
    * Richard Pacheco as Dewey Alexander, plays Randy’s first lover
    * Roger Frazier plays Dr. Harrison
    * Steve Miller is the voice of Bruce, the computer [NonSex]
    * Tyler Reynolds [Clip]

    Scene Breakdowns

    * Scene 1. Beth Stein, John Slater
    * Scene 2. John Leonard, Lori Blue
    * Scene 3. Desiree Cousteau, Richard Pacheco
    * Scene 4. Brenda Stewart, Harold Steinfarfel
    * Scene 5. Monica Sands, Roger Frazier
    * Scene 6. Desiree Cousteau
    * Scene 7. Jesie St. James
    * Scene 8. Clair Lucerne
    * Scene 9. Arcadia Lake, Eric Edwards
    * Scene 10. girl, Tyler Reynolds
    * Scene 11. girl, Johnnie Keyes
    * Scene 12. Desiree West, guy
    * Scene 13. Desiree Cousteau, Roger Frazier
    * Scene 14. Desiree Cousteau, Monica Sands, Roger Frazier
    * Scene 15. Juliet Anderson, Cyrus James



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