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Some of the  movies which are uploaded on two file hosts or more has a little problem.

the problem is with the filehosts : and

all links are mirrior , you can download and extract it. but if you cant to extract it, you need to rename.

if you notice that , the titles of the downloaded files are not consistent from different sources:

the wupload and filesonic names have 2 spaces in them while the other sources(oron, fileserve, uploadstation) , have underline “_” characters at those positions.

If you have already downloaded them, you can make them consistent by renaming one to match the other.

This method you can apply for the movies uploaded from 2011/08/13  to  2011/08/19 who has this problem( its not more than 10 movies with this problem )

From tomorow 2011/08/20, we continue with re-uploading dead movies and all links will work fine.



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