Rear Entry (1984)


Ashley Welles [Anal DP]
Athena Star
Gina Valentino
Mimi Morgan
Sheri St. Clair [Anal DP]
Summer Rose [Anal DP]
Susan Sands


Blair Harris
Craig Roberts
Greg Rome
Herschel Savage (as Hershel Savage)
Michael Morrison
R.J. Reynolds
Steve Powers

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. uwf, Steve Powers (scene intercut; between all the others)
Scene 2. Gina Valentino, Summer Rose [DP], Hershel Savage, Steve Powers
Scene 3. Mimi Morgan [DP], Blair Harris, Don Robertson (ID credit: huggybear)
Scene 4. Ashley Welles [DP], Michael Morrison, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 5. Shaun Michelle [DP], uwf, Craig Roberts, Michael Morrison





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