Rich Bitch (1985)

Hal Freeman

* Ali Moore
* April May (as April Maye) [Facial]
* Susan Hart

* Alan Royce
* Dan T. Mann (as Dan Fisher)
* Dino Alexander
* Gerald Elliot
* Marc Wallice (as Marc Wallace)
* Paul Thomas

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Ali Moore, Marc Wallice
* Scene 2. Ali Moore, April May, Paul Thomas
* Scene 3. Susan Hart, Dan T. Mann
* Scene 4. Ali Moore, Alan Royce
* Scene 5. April May, Dino Alexander
* Scene 6. April May, Marc Wallice
* Scene 7. Ali Moore, Susan Hart, Gerald Elliot

“Ali Moore likes her men to have big bank accounts, bulging stock portfolios, and absolutely no backbone. Nothing pleases her more than ordering them around and telling them where to get off — but not before she does. Cold and calculating, she uses and abuses every single man she meets. Living fast and flying high, she rents a private jet and orders the attendant, to please her — then she leaves him high and dry! Ali finally meets her match when she tries to put her money where her mouth is and bribe her best friend’s beau into some sex. He denies her, only giving in when she agrees to make it a threesome. In the end, Ali learns the error of her ways — as well as a few freaky new positions!”



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