Rio Heat (1987)

Presenting the fiery, Brazilian hellcat: Elle Rio
With this movie you are witnessing the awesome debut of the Brazilian sensation, Elle Rio, in a role only she can do justice to. Fresh from Brazil, she gets hired as a housemaid for a rich and raunchy American family. Once this household of horny relatives and friends get a load of her incredible charms, and her insatiable hunger to satisfy everybody’s sexual whims, they become her willing slaves!

Jack Remy

Bambi Allen
Elle Rio [Facial DPP]
Erica Boyer
Leslie Winston
Siobhan Hunter

Buck Adams
Buddy Love
Eric Edwards
Kevin James (as Kevin Gibson)

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Elle Rio, Buddy Love
Scene 2. Erica Boyer, Kevin James
Scene 3. Bambi Allen, Buck Adams
Scene 4. Elle Rio, Leslie Winston
Scene 5. Leslie Winston, Buck Adams, Eric Edwards
Scene 6. Siobhan Hunter, Buddy Love



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