Robofox (1987)

Paul Thomas

Angela Baron
Erica Boyer [LezOnly]
Krista Lane
Lisa Bright (as Lissa Bright)

Billy Dee
Edward Hillegar [NonSex]
Eric Rome
Mick Jones [NonSex]
Randy West
Roger Carr [NonSex]
Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns:

Scene 1. Lisa Bright, Tom Byron
Scene 2. Krista Lane, Billy Dee
Scene 3. Angela Baron, Eric Rome
Scene 4. Angela Baron, Tom Byron
Scene 5. Erica Boyer, Krista Lane
Scene 6. Angela Baron, guy
Scene 7. Krista Lane, Randy West

“Poor, pretty little Megan Daniels is a lonely young lady whose computer date turns out horribly and leaves her walking the streets depressed and dejected. Wham! She’s hit by a car and has to be surgically rebuilt by mad doctor Krista Lane. Once remade, the lonely girl becomes busty sex queen Angela Baron, but with a twist. The evil doctor has programmed her to hate men and to literally sex them to death! An unlucky orderly and two porn theater patrons find out the hard way that this Robofox is more than meets the eye. Soon the cyborg strumpet is wandering the late night city streets looking to wreck havoc on any man she runs into. She tracks down Megan’s crass computer date and teaches him the meaning of respect, then dabbles in debauchery with a pair of hunks atop a pool table — before leaving them in a punished pile. Meanwhile, the salacious scientist Krista is busy enjoying some Sapphic sizzle with buxom beauty Erica Boyer. But when Robofox catches her come-hither creator with a man, what will be the erotic outcome? All we can say is that it’s well worth finding out. This is one of Angela Baron’s top performances, as she plays the deadly sex machine to the erotic hilt. Check out this bionic woman for some real super-powered sexual action.”



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