Seances Tres Speciales (1991)

aka Fist Party (1991)

* Alexandra [20] as Sophie, Isabelle or uncredited
* Béatrice Valle as Florence
* Framboise possibly as Sandrine
* XNK4391 as Sophie, Isabelle or uncredited
* XNK6250 as Sophie, Isabelle or uncredited, probably Sophie
* XNK6352 non-sex, probably uncredited
* Philippe Soine
* Eric Weiss
* Richard Lengin
* Etienne Jaumillot plays the waiter, non sex
* a male slave with a Scorpio tattoo
* a verbal abuser, non sex
* XNK6352 appears briefly in the circle around the slave.
She remains non sex although her butt is briefly licked by the man.



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