Secrets of Mozart (1992)

Also Known As
Lust und Laster Mozart

Diana Siefert [Facial]
Georgina Lempin (as Georgia Kist)
Angelica Bella (as Kitty Kay) [Anal Facial DP]
Andrea Molnar [Anal Facial]
Anette Montana
Judith DeVille [Anal Facial]
Dagmar Lost [Anal Facial]
Christoph Clark (as Christof Clark)
Jean-Pierre Armand (as J.P. Armand)
Roberto Malone (as Roberto Moreno)
Willi Montana
Yves Baillat (as Yves Bailat)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Angelica Bella, Christoph Clark
Scene 2. Angelica Bella, Dagmar Lost, Christoph Clark, Yves Baillat
Scene 3. Georgina Lempin, Judith DeVille, Dagmar Lost, Christoph Clark, Willi Montana, Yves Baillat
Scene 4. Diana Siefert, Judith DeVille, Andrea Molnar, Christoph Clark, Roberto Malone
Scene 5. Angelica Bella, Anette Montana, Dagmar Lost, Jean-Pierre Armand, Yves Baillat

Language: German

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