Secrets of Mozart (1992)

Director:     Dino

Andrea Molnar as?
Anette Montana ?
Angelica Bella as Katy Kay
Dagmar Lost as?
Diana Siefert
Georgina Lempin as Georgia Kist
Judith de Ville as?

Cast on the box cover: Christoff Clark, Yves Bailard, Roberto Moreno, Katy Kay, J.P. Armand, Willi Montana, Dian Siefert, Georgia Kist, Olga Ramon, Nadja Ramenkov, Sonja Dvorak.
On-screen credits: Christof Clark, Kitty Kay, Diana Siefert, J.P. Armand, Yves Bailat, Roberto Moreno, Willi Montana, Georgia Kist, Olga Ramon, Nadja Ramenkov, Sonja Dvorak.

A young woman (Andrea Molnar, I suspect either Olga or Nadja is how she is credited here) visits the home of Mozart in Salzburg, in modern times, and reads a secret letter she finds, the lurid contents of which are thoughtfully portrayed for us in a series of period-piece scenes furnished with full costume, powdered wigs and make-up, and accompanied by appropriate music.

1) Angelica- anal;
2) Dagmar- anal/Angelica- anal;
3) Dagmar- anal/Judith- anal/Georgina- b/g;
4) Judith- b/g;
Annette- b/g/Diana- b/g/Judith- anal; AFAICT the scene has only 3 girls
present at any one time- Diana and Annette alternate, and Andrea ‘dreams’
herself into this scene- anal; Dagmar and Angelica are initially present, then
[intercut with]
5) Angelica- DP, while Dagmar masturbates in the corner;
6) Andrea- masturbation.





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