Sex 2084 (1985)


Also Known As
Sex Crimes 2084

The year is 2084 and two Sex Cops, Manny Powers (Robert Bullock) and his trusty sidekick Trevor Horn (Billy Dee), are out on patrol in search of dangerous sex criminals. Manny and Trev bust an uncooperative beauty. Charged with ‘Suspicion of Inhibition,’ the offender is readily persuaded to reform her celibate ways. Another victory for the State! Manny yearns for a time in the past when didn’t give in so easily, when it wasn’t unlawful to be a virgin, when a man was happy to just get a kiss on the first date. Along with Barb Weir, sensual Sex Cop extraordinaire, Manny and Trevor return to the past in search of innocence. And boy, do they fine it! In a variety of steamy shapes! Sizes! And stages of erotic experiences. Sex 2084 is sizzling.

Chuck Vincent

* Ali Moore
* Lady Liberty (as Ashley Liberty)
* Bonnie Comley [NonSex]
* Carol Cross
* Colleen Brennan
* Scarlet Smith
* Sharon Kane
* Sheri St. Clair
* Siobhan Hunter
* Taija Rae

* Ashley Moore
* Billy Dee
* Bobby Spector
* Josh Andrews [NonSex]
* Rick Bend
* Robert Bullock
* Rocky DeLorenzo [NonSex]
* Rod Retta
* Ron Hunter
* Scott Baker

* One source suggests Rick Tyler is in this cast.

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Lady Liberty, Carol Cross, Scarlet Smith, Ashley Moore, Rick Bend, Ron Hunter
* Scene 2. Ali Moore, Billy Dee, Robert Bullock
* Scene 3. Sheri St. Clair, Bobby Spector
* Scene 4. Siobhan Hunter, Robert Bullock, Rod Retta
* Scene 5. Colleen Brennan, Billy Dee
* Scene 6. Sharon Kane, Billy Dee
* Scene 7. Sheri St. Clair, Scott Baker
* Scene 8. Taija Rae, Robert Bullock



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