Sex Crazy (1989)

Also Known As
Carol Cummings Show: Sex Crazy

John T. Bone

* Aja
* Carol Cummings
* Cassandra [Facial]
* Kassi Nova [Facial]

* Jon Dough
* Marc Wallice
* Randy West

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Kassi Nova, Jon Dough
* Scene 2. Cassandra, Marc Wallice
* Scene 3. Aja, Randy West
* Scene 4. Aja, Kassi Nova
* Scene 5. Carol Cummings, Randy West

“Carol Cummings hosts this carnally charged series of tenacious trysts, each one hotter than the last. Dental student Jon Dough hones his skills on patient Kassi Nova, who’s more than happy to let him fill her cavities. Then, it’s over to the home of ravishing roommates Aja and Cassandra as they wait for the mailman to bring them a very special delivery of his own. Sleet and snow may not stop him, but their sexy curves are sure to make his next delivery late! Things continue to build to a fantastic bathroom climax featuring a shower-rod-suspended Aja being ravished by her ribald roommate before three studs arrive to help them come clean. Delectable damsels and white hot action — you’ll be sex crazy too!”



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