Sexsations (1984)


Lawrence T Cole

* Annette Haven [Clip IR]
* Bonnie Holiday [Clip IR]
* Carole Tong [Facial Clip IR]
* Christine Kelly [Clip]
* Connie Peterson [Facial Clip]
* Desiree West [Clip IR]
* Kristine Heller [Clip]
* Linda Wong [BJOnly Facial Clip]
* Susan Hart [BJOnly]

* Blair Harris [Clip]
* Hershel Savage (as Herschel Savage)
* Joey Silvera [Clip]
* John Leslie [Clip]
* Jonathon Younger [Clip]
* Kent Hall [Clip]
* Mick Jones [Clip]
* Paul Thomas [Clip]

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Annette Haven, black girl
* Scene 2. Susan Hart
* Scene 3. Annette Haven, black guy, Jonathon Younger
* Scene 4. Susan Hart, Hershel Savage
* Scene 5. Carole Tong, Linda Wong, Kent Hall
* Scene 6. girl, John Leslie
* Scene 8. Carole Tong, Linda Wong
* Scene 9. Connie Peterson, Joey Silvera
* Scene 10. Kristine Heller, Paul Thomas
* Scene 11. blonde, Blair Harris, Paul Thomas
* Scene 12. Christine Kelly, girl, Joey Silvera, John Leslie
* Scene 13. Bonnie Holiday, Carole Tong, Desiree West, others, Jonathon Younger, Mick Jones
* Scene 14. Susan Hart

Sexsations stars Susan Hart and Herschel Savage as two high-tech researchers. In their electronic laboratory they have developed a sex-fantasy machine that transports their minds and bodies into the minds of the most beautiful and erotic porn stars of today, including Annette Haven, John Leslie, and Paul Thomas. The porn stars lustfully act out the erotic fantasies of these innocent scientists. Passion and desire soon diminish the scientists’ abilities to control themselves as they revel in voluptuous, flesh-filled orgies.




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