Seymore and Shane Playing with Fire (1994)

Also Known As
Seymore Butts 15
The wacky adventures of Seymore and Shane Part One Disc Two


* Ali [NonSex]
* Crystal Gold [Anal Facial]
* Shane [Anal Facial A2M]
* Vanessa Chase [Anal Facial]
* Yvonne [Anal Facial]


* Alex Sanders
* Marv
* Seymore Butts
* Vince Vouyer
* Waiter from Restaurant

Wait till you see what Shane cums up with in New York. You won’t believe it till you see it! First she coaxes a real New York City fireman to put the flames out in the back of her throat. Then she convinces a guy to open his coffee shop early and proceeds to negotiate a cup of coffee for a BJ. She has always said “the early bird gets the worm”. When Shane gets back home she really tries to get my mind off things. How??? A trip to the Colorado River !





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