Sinnliche Sehnsucht (1980)


Alternate Titles
* Charlotte, una ragazza in calore Italy
* Tendres souvenirs (d’une bouche gourmande)

Director:     Michel Caputo as Michel Anthony

* Elisabeth Bur? plays Claudia’s mother
* Elodie Delage uncredited or credited as Lili Breval, plays a nurse
* Jane Baker plays Claudia
* Laura Clair as Odette Burel, in the Italian version
* Marie-Claude Moreau probably as Claudine Mena, plays one of the missionary nurses
* Nicole Segaud as Nicole Segaux in the Italian version, plays Charlotte

* Jacques Vinair (Guy Berardan?) plays the young doctor, Mario, object of Charlotte’s affections
* Richard Lemieuvre (Richard Allan) plays Claudia’s father
* Guy Royer plays Jean-Paul
* Jacques Gateau plays the driving instructor
* Piotr Stanislas – the peeping Tom
* an older male, non-sex



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