Snatched Women (1974)

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1974
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Unknown

Starring: Jill Sweete, Dyanne Thorne, Adam Ward, Mindy Wilson

Description: A leggy blonde is marked for abduction. We see her stalked in the opening scenes, but when the kidnappers end up hauling in five — count ’em — five women, their boss asks, “What the fuck is this!” and they say, with a straight face ’cause this ain’t a comedy, that they weren’t sure who they were supposed to kidnap so they brought in “the whole bunch.”
Thus, Snatched Women (a.k.a The Snatch) And thus the logic of 70s porn.
Anyway, one by one, starting with the virgin among them, of course, the women get diddled by the kidnappers, who are an especially seedy bunch of rat bastards who plan on killing their victims no matter what happens with the ransom demand.
Nobody can act, but everybody can fuck all right. Some of the women submit reluctantly, some with resignation, but all except one seem to enjoy the rough poking they receive.
The grim ending of the film is actually less gratuitous than the gratuitous sex it is tilled with, though, on balance, you will probably enjoy the latter more, and despite the low-budget mentality at work here: it actually packs a wallop while fatal shots ring out in the next room, the leggy blonde turns and asks, “What’s that?” as the kidnapper who just raped her points a gun at the back of her head.




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